Craig Corcoran
I'm a machine learning PhD student transitioning to industry. I'm passionate about designing new ways to improve lives through machine learning. My work in robotics, reinforcement learning, and hypothesis testing has given me the technical and software skills necessary to utilize data for a wide variety of applications, both at scale and in smaller exploratory settings.
Machine Learning
ml skills
software skills
Experience & Education
UT Austin Computer Science PhD (all but dissertation)
(2010 – Present)
Explored Representation Discovery for Reinforcement Learning with Peter Stone, Continuous-action Contextual Bandits with Pradeep Ravikumar, and Adaptive Hypothesis Testing with Constantine Caramanis
Prepared programming assignments, held discussion sections, and gave lectures as a TA for Large Scale Machine Learning, Convex Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, and iOS Mobile Development
Studied Reinforcement Learning, Graphical Models, Probabilistic Algorithms, Numerical Linear Algebra, Data Mining, Machine Learning
Recieved NSF Fellowship; Co-Founded Deep Learning Reading Group
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center Internship
(Summer 2013)
Developed methods for using satellite images to predict weather and its impact on solar energy markets with Gerry Tesauro
NASA Dexterous Robotics Lab Internship, JSC
(2008 – 2009)
Researched particle filter methods for localizing in-hand objects using touch sensor data from Robonaut 2 with Rob Platt
Rice University
(2005 – 2010)
B.A. in Mechanical Engineering and Cognitive Science with honors
Nonparametric Contextual Bandits (preprint) State Estimation for Dexterous Robots (ICRA 2010)